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COVID-19 vaccines are rated safe and effective by the CDC and are free to the public.1 To help protect yourself and others, schedule an appointment to get vaccinated today.

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What to know about COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

A booster shot can increase immune response and protection against COVID-19.2 Check now to see if you’re eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. If you are, you can reserve your booster shot appointment right away.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, you may have questions about vaccines, testing and more. View our FAQ page for answers and updated information.

I received the vaccine as soon as it was approved. My motivation for getting the vaccine was what we saw at the forefront while taking care of our patients. We’ve lost over half a million lives to COVID-19 and more than 30 million people have seen affected with COVID-19. We've lost some of our dear colleagues to this infection and we've seen a lot of our patients stay in the hospital and being affected by this virus. So when it was approved, I was really eager and looking forward to it, and as soon as it was approved, I received my vaccine.

Vaccine information you can trust

Hear directly from doctors talking about questions and concerns you may have about the COVID-19 vaccines. Feel free to share these quick videos with friends and family.

Important member information

Check back often to learn the latest about how Humana is working to help protect our members.

Use our Symptom Checker

Are you experiencing COVID-19 symptoms? Humana is working with Buoy Health to help you check your symptoms and learn the next steps for care.

Access telehealth care from home

Humana’s Medicare Advantage medical plan members can access most in-network telehealth services for a $0 copay. This includes primary care, urgent care and behavioral health services from participating in-network providers.

Find more help from Humana

The coronavirus has changed the way we work, socialize and shop and even the way we access healthcare. Finally, there are bright spots on the horizon as more and more of us get vaccinated. Get the latest from Humana.

Additional resources

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Find local updates on vaccines and safety guidelines

Get specific information about testing and vaccine availability, updated COVID-19 case counts and more for your area.


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