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Support for your physical, emotional and social health

In times like these, protecting our physical health isn’t the only challenge many of us are facing. Social isolation, lack of transportation, empty store shelves, child and senior care, layoffs and other employment issues—all of these can present challenges large and small as we continue to battle the spread of the coronavirus. Explore the helpful resources on this page.

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Your Humana neighborhood center misses you!

Our doors may be temporarily closed, but our health and wellness classes are still available.

Check out our free online classes, get moving with a “soup can” workout, view healthy cooking demos, or travel to exotic locations via video—all from the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to be a Humana member to participate.

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You are far from alone

Even as communities move toward reopening, for many people the social isolation and loneliness resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a real struggle.

Far from Alone offers helpful tips, resources and information designed to help us all engage with one another and to remember that even when we're by ourselves, we are #FarFromAlone.

More helpful information for dealing with the challenges of COVID-19

Plan ahead with MyDirectives

Who will speak for you if you’re unable to speak for yourself? Humana members can create a MyDirectives® advance care plan to communicate their preferences about their care in the event that an accident or illness leaves them unable to do so.

Find help close to home

Our zoom in™ tool makes it easier to find the help you need close to home.

Enter your ZIP code and street address to view a map showing local organizations that are ready to help.

Don’t neglect your mental health

Humana proudly supports Psych Hub, a free resource to help people address their mental health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.