Type of coverage What it is Pros Cons Dental PPO9

A PPO includes a network of different dentists to choose from. These plans typically strike a balance between cost and choice of dental care providers.

  • Larger network of providers than other options
  • You can choose an out-of-network dentist
  • Typically have higher costs than an HMO
  • Generally have annual maximum limits
  • May have additional costs for out-of-network dentists
Dental HMO9

Dental HMOs usually have lower costs, but you must choose a network provider. Out-of-network costs are usually not covered.

  • Lower premiums than most deductibles
  • May have lower or no copays for preventive care
  • Usually have no annual maximum limits
  • Limited to a smaller network
  • May have restrictions on number of visits
Dental discount plan3

Dental discount plans are not insurance and offer discounts at a select network of dentists in exchange for a yearly fee.

  • Annual fees are typically under $150 per year for individuals3
  • Not insurance—doesn’t cover costs, only provides discounts
  • You are responsible to pay the participating dentist the discounted rate at the time of service.
Dental indemnity plan3

These plans typically pay out a set percentage of “usual and customary” charges for common dental procedures.

  • No network restrictions
  • Wider choice of dental care providers to choose from
  • Higher costs at dentists who charge above the “usual and customary” amount