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Wellness Strategies to Improve Health, Performance and the Bottom Line

For wellness programs to succeed, they must be an intrinsic part of workplace culture.

The health of employees directly influences their attendance and performance. Learn how improving employee well-being will boost productivity.

Special report sponsored by Humana

Research shows that the health status of your employees directly influences their work behavior, attendance and on-the-job performance. Therefore, improving employee well-being will result in a more productive workforce. That’s why 75 percent of high performing companies now measure employee health status as a key part of their overall risk management strategy, and many pursue active wellness programs.

However, for wellness initiatives to succeed, they must be an intrinsic part of an organization’s culture. This requires persistent and engaged leadership at all levels. By creating an integrated plan of action, HR professionals can strategically cultivate and leverage on-site resources to generate a healthier workforce, culture and financial bottom line.

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