Care Giving

Give your caregiving employees the care and support they deserve

One in five Americans is a caregiver. So it’s likely many of your employees are too. Help them handle their role with the Points of Caregiving program. This low-cost service gives them time- and energy-saving resources.

A holistic approach to help

Caregivers need to focus on what matters — caring for their loved ones and caring for themselves. With Points of Caregiving, your employees will find the tools and resources to make their lives easier. Plus, these benefits won’t cost you a dime.

What can your employees expect from Points of Caregiving? They can:

  • Talk to a trained advisor any time, day or night
  • Use cost-calculators to figure out retirement planning
  • Track doctor visits and medications with phone reminders
  • Find a community of caregivers to swap tips and advice
Promote your companys well being

Promote your company's well-being

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Help along the way

Help along the way

Virtual guidance when your employees need it most.

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