Wellness Solution for Healthier Business

Humana Wellness Solutions for a healthier business

Humana Wellness Solutions offers a new way to look at total health and well-being. We work with you to create a program unique to your company’s population, culture and individual needs. You receive innovative tools and programs, and the support you need to successfully create a culture of health. After all, a healthier bottom line is born out of an environment that encourages healthier behaviors. It’s just that simple.

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Why you need Humana Wellness Solutions more than ever

Your employees face financial concerns, health conditions and stress which can lead to productivity loss, increased absenteeism and higher health costs. An effective wellness program can result in increased employee retention, attendance and productivity. And, for every dollar spent on wellness, medical and absenteeism costs improve by $3.27 and $2.73, respectively.

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Real results for a healthier workforce

How it works

  • Evaluates company culture and employee needs
  • Offers a variety of programs through multiple modalities
  • Uses positive psychology and behavior change science to effect sustainable change

Why it works

  • Focuses on culture change to create a environment that supports wellbeing
  • Provides effective communications and promotional tools to drive participation
  • Offers optimal user experience with integrated, easy-to-use programs