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Your goal is to contain costs and offer benefits that make employees more productive. Let Humana’s pharmacy services help along the way.

Consulting with pharmacist about prescription drugs

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Everyone with a Humana plan is eligible for RightSource ®.

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Specialty drugs

Offset rising costs

Help offset rising costs with RightSource Specialty Pharmacies.

  • Total health features like on-call nurses and behavior specialists
  • Automatic refills that help your bottom line
  • Better medication choices for your employees


More convenience, more options

Employees can locate their nearest in-network pharmacy with Humana’s Find a Pharmacy tool.

  • Over 60,000 participating pharmacies to choose from
  • Get easy-to-follow directions and maps
  • Drugstores, grocery stores, discount department stores
Talking to a pharmacist about prescription drugs
Pump up with Productivity

Pump up productivity with EAPs

Help your clients connect quality of life and well-being at work.

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Prevent drug interactions

Prevent drug interactions

Find tips for avoiding serious side effects with your medications.

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Promote your company's well-being

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