Employee Assistance Programs

Providing valuable resources to employees through the workplace is a growing trend at large, successful business. An employer-sponsored Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or Work-Life program, is one way for you to demonstrate your empathy through a lower cost solution.

Behavioral health and behavior change experts for Humana work to optimize overall well-being, personal and workplace productivity through the use of available health resources, delivering positive outcomes for employers while enhancing our members quality of life.

Health and productivity products include:

  • Personal health coaching: Utilizes behavior change approaches that will help employees achieve their goals for living a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s losing weight, managing back pain, or quitting tobacco, Humana has a coaching program just for you.
  • EAP/work-life: Humana's Employee Assistance and Work-life programs (EAP/Work-life) provide guidance and assistance to employees and organizations to help manage their lives and enhance workplace performance.
  • Humana Achieve: Humana Achieve is an integrated medical-behavioral healthcare program that treats the whole person;mind and body. By addressing coexisting issues, our holistic approach encourages a more rapid and complete recovery and ultimately reduces costs.
  • MBH: The Managed Behavioral Health (MBH) program focuses on reducing healthcare plan costs through high-quality mental health and substance abuse services ensuring members receive the right care at the right time.
  • Prosper: Humana ProsperSM is an innovative product that offers EAP/work-life, personal health coaching, and Humana Achieve into a single product, delivered by one clinician.

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