Other Medicare

Additional types of plans

In many states, Humana offers plans that complement our Group Medicare Advantage offerings, including plans for retirees and dependents younger than 65.

With our range of products, we can offer a complete, full-replacement retiree medical solution — even if your retirees and employees are scattered around the country.

Retiree wrap medical plan

These indemnity products provide supplemental coverage to Original Medicare for retirees older than 65. In simple terms, the coverage “wraps” around Original Medicare to give your retirees the level of benefits you choose. To be eligible, retirees must be entitled to Medicare Part A and enrolled in Medicare Part B. These plans also can provide primary coverage for the dependents of your retirees.

Humana offers Retiree Wrap Plans as part of a full-replacement solution when you purchase a Humana Group Medicare Advantage plan. As an employer, you can customize the plan's benefits to fit your financial and coverage goals — as long as the benefits are within your state's regulations.

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