Medical Plans

Medical plans with the Humana touch

No matter your company’s needs for medical insurance, Humana has a product to suit them. Your employees get freedom to choose and you get cost savings. Plus, you both get guidance so you can make smart decisions.

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Humana Simplicity

Keep it simple for savings

This plan is simple for a reason. Your employees pay no deductible or coinsurance, only copayments. So this plan is easy for them to understand, and easy for you to administer.

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Traditional plans

Offer familiar choices

Humana's traditional plans have features you and your employees are familiar with, along with opportunities to forecast and control costs. You’ll receive proprietary tools, reports, and services to help you stay informed.

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Easy to use online health plan information

Medical programs and Funding Arrangements

Self-fund with administrative help

If you choose to fully or partially self-fund your healthcare plan, turn to Humana to lower your risk. We can help you reduce unexpected costs, pay your claims, and offer wellness programs.

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Walmart Rx Plan

Save money and offer simplicity

Give your employees a low-cost prescription drug benefit that’s easy for you to administer. The plan offers a common formulary design to ease employees’ transition.

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Make healthy living more rewarding

Make healthy living more rewarding

It’s easy when employees earn points and set goals through HumanaVitality.®

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Learn about annual vaccinations to fight the flu and protect yourself in the season

Fend off the flu with a vaccine

Flu season is nothing to sneeze at. Protect yourself by getting your annual flu vaccine.

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Find the forms you need

Find the forms you need

Download enrollment forms, continuation forms, eligibility certification forms, and more from our website. Contact your Humana Market Office for large quantities.

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