SmartSuite® Earn rate credits up to 5%

SmartSuite® gives you rate credits when you combine best practices for cost control with the flexible options your employees want. Just meet six base requirements and choose three behavior modification programs.

Base requirements

To qualify for SmartSuite, commit to these base requirements. You must offer at least three, and no more than six, medical products. Two must be consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) options.

  • Full replacement
  • Flat contribution strategy
  • Spread greater than 8% across benefit plans
  • Include pharmacy benefit (Rx4, RxImpact®, or HDHP)
  • Cannot offer a richer plan design than currently offered

Behavior modifications

Earn rate credits with a variety of engagement strategies. These include use of Humana's online Benefit Planner/Enrollment Center, clinical management participation, and simple plan design changes.

  • Each credit is worth 0.5 or 1.0%
  • Maximum credit is 5%


This partnership demonstrates our confidence in SmartSuite’s cost-saving effectiveness. Commit to SmartSuite behavior modification credit activities equaling 5% for year one and year two. You may be eligible for the SmartAssurance® rate cap.

  • Second-year premium increase of no more than 9.9%
  • Fully insured only; 300+ eligible employees
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Prevent diabetes — it's a big deal!

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