Personal Care Account

Help employees offset

healthcare costs

A personal care account (PCA) is an employer-funded health reimbursement arrangement that helps employees offset a portion of their healthcare expenses. We call them “personal” because that’s how employees view them. When employees take ownership of their funds, they change the way they choose and use healthcare services.

Advantages for you

A PCA plan combines familiar PPO features with elements that encourage members to take more responsibility for healthcare choices. And Humana manages and administers the PCA and Humana Access ® Visa ® Debit Card, easing your administrative effort.

  • Integrate Flexible Spending Account (FSA) administration
  • Fund the account throughout the year, not all upfront
  • Decide whether to permit fund carry-over and how much

Advantages for your employees

PCA funds can be used for medical expenses, like doctor's office visits, to reduce what your employees pay toward the deductible. Once members meet the deductible, they pay only their coinsurance. PCA plans don't require copayments for medical expenses.

  • Easy access to PCA funds with the HumanaAccess card
  • Use PCA dollars for prescriptions, medical care, dental expenses, and vision care
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The solution for rising pharmacy costs

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