Humana Specialty Benefits help your workplace to thrive

Want to attract and keep good people? Expand your benefits package to include flexible plans that help protect your employees’ finances in case of non-work related accidents or illnesses.

Choosing the benefits of each group health plan available
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Disability coverage

Fill in the gaps

If an accident or illness prevents an employee from working, this plan can help cover gaps in a paycheck. You choose the level of coverage you’ll offer. Your employees choose where the payments go, from rent to groceries.

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Life coverage

Safeguard a family’s finances

Help your employees take advantage of a lower group rate and protect their family’s future with Humana’s life insurance.

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Getting the details about prescription drug coverage
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Accident coverage

Extra protection when it’s needed

Sometimes even the best health plans can’t cover the extras. Humana’s accident insurance covers deductibles, ambulance trips, and more.

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Cancer coverage

Coverage for the future

Paying for cancer treatments can strain anyone’s budget. With Humana’s voluntary cancer coverage, your employees receive cash when they need it most.

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Critical illness coverage

Protect employees from the threat of debt

A heart attack, stroke, or cancer can interrupt an employee’s life in many ways. Lend a hand by offering a plan that can help them with financial challenges.

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Supplemental health insurance

Extra security

Humana’s supplemental health insurance can add extra value to regular health insurance.

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Healthcare comparison tools online
Make healthy living more rewarding

Make healthy living more rewarding

It’s easy when employees earn points and set goals through HumanaVitality.®

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Take control of your asthma

Take control of your asthma

The easiest route to asthma management is learning what triggers your attack. Allergic triggers differ from person to person. Knowing what caused an attack is the easiest way to avoid having one in the future.

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