Supplemental Health

Supplemental Health Coverage

Workplace voluntary health coverage can supplement existing health insurance.

These policies help employees meet their financial obligations when they're hospitalized or incur expenses during outpatient or inpatient treatment.

The value of Supplemental Health Coverage

The value of supplemental health coverage continues to increase over time. Cash benefits can be used to help offset loss of income and pay for expenses like transportation to doctors and treatment facilities, as well as normal living expenses.

A supplemental medical plan may include reimbursements for everyday medical costs such as doctor's office visits, which is yet another way to help employees avoid lost time from work due to illness or accidents.

Coverage continues during employer-certified disability, Family and Medical Leave Act, and during COBRA.

Plan benefit options

Features may include:

  • Reimburses a specified amount for covered hospital confinement, physical exams, and doctor's office visits
  • Requires no coordination of benefits
  • Covers sicknesses and injuries after date of policy, subject to pre-existing condition and policy limitations
  • Includes coverage for pregnancy (subject to state-mandated waiting periods)
  • Doesn't require a physical examination

Why choose Humana Voluntary Benefits?

Our voluntary benefits give you an economical way to diversify your benefits package, helping you attract top talent and keep existing employees. The application has just a few health questions. And we strive to provide friendly, professional service to members and employers. We have more than four decades of experience helping employers develop competitive benefits packages. And in our 2008 member satisfaction survey, 99 percent of Customer Service calls were resolved to the member's satisfaction within 24 hours.

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Get the guide to benefits administration

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