Focus Newsletter: October 2011

Flexible hours and wellness programs keep millennials happy and healthy

The Millennial Generation is entering the workplace. Businesses need to engage and retain them in new ways.

To make corporate wellness work, employees have to be engaged

Employee engagement is key to a successful corporate wellness program. Here’s how to make it happen for your company.

United States to test new workplace wellness programs

We all know that healthy living is good for people. But it can also be good for the businesses that those people work for. Read on to learn more about workplace wellness and how it affects businesses across the country.

Talent is treasure: employee talent optimization can make all the difference to your bottom line

Attracting, developing, and keeping talented employees is an art. But it’s part of what makes great companies great – and saves them money in the long run.

Follow these steps to help employees make a confident benefits plan choice

Open enrollment often is a complex process for your employees. Here are some great tips for HR and benefits managers to make it easier.