HPS Focus Newsletter: December 2011

Humana network has 63,000 pharmacies, including Walgreens
Make sure you’re getting the most out of your pharmacy benefit.

Humana updates the 2012 drug list to make it more cost-effective
Humana updates the drug list annually to make the medications you offer patients more cost-effective. These changes also help ensure safety and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.

The FDA, government, and manufacturers fight drug shortages
Humana’s RightSourceRx helps patients access their medications during shortages, which can affect a wide range of prescription drugs.

Expect savings when generic Lipitor hits the market
Big savings are on the way. Generic Lipitor decreases drug costs for consumers and helps lower premiums for Humana members.

Everyone should get a flu shot, especially those at high risk
Getting the vaccine before the peak of flu season offers the longest-lasting protection. One shot protects against the most common flu viruses.