How to maximize pharmacy benefits

April 05, 2011

Pharmacist helping a client

The more your employees know, the more they can save.

Humana Pharmacy Solutions works hard to make sure your members get the most from their pharmacy benefits, and we know you don't always remember - or even know about - all the different programs we offer.

Here are some of the programs that help members get the most from their pharmacy benefits:

Self-Service Web Tools.
MyHumana offers:

  • A personal, secure website on
  • ast, easy access to benefits information
  • Planning tools
  • Drug pricing and drug facts
  • Pharmacy locations
  • RightSourceRx® prescription home delivery information, including the ability to register for home delivery service, download and print order forms, and order refills and view history

Members register for MyHumana via and have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

General Pharmacy Member Communications.
Humana Pharmacy Solutions developed communications for employers to send to their employees offering tips on:

  • MyHumana
  • RightSourceRx
  • Generic drugs and over-the-counter drugs
  • Drug adherence
  • Medication management
  • Posters and mailings that tell employees about the value of generic drugs

Members receive these communications in e-mails from employers, in company newsletters, on posters, and in envelope stuffers with paychecks.

Targeted Pharmacy Member Communications.
Humana Pharmacy Solutions sends targeted messages to members about:

  • Generic options
  • Drug recalls
  • New therapies
  • Over-the-counter options
  • Other timely topics

Messages are delivered by direct mail, e-mail, and voice-activated telephone calls. Members also receive letters based on their specific prescription drug claims.

RightSourceRx and RightSourceRx Specialty®.
To explain the value of Humana's mail-order pharmacy and Humana's specialty pharmacy, messages promote:

  • RightSourceRx
  • RightSourceRx Specialty

Messages are delivered by direct mail, e-mail, and live and automated telephone calls. The Pharmacy may contact a member up to four times per year, depending on the member's eligible medications.

For more information, visit:
Contact your Humana Representative to find out how to best take advantage of these programs.