Humana network has 63,000 pharmacies, including Walgreens.

Reviewing drug interactions

Nov. 28, 2011

Nov. 28, 2011

You may have seen advertising about some changes in the pharmacy benefits industry because Express Scripts, a manager of pharmacy benefits, will no longer have Walgreens in its network beginning Jan. 1.

If your group holds Humana medical insurance but your pharmacy benefit is managed by Express Scripts, our Customer Care representatives are available to answer your questions. Humana wants you to know we are here to help you get the most out of your pharmacy benefits.

If you have Humana Pharmacy Benefits, your employees can continue to go to Walgreens pharmacies. Unlike Express Scripts, Humana will include Walgreens in its network in 2012. Humana Pharmacy Solutions is committed to consumer choice with approximately 63,000 retail drug stores in the network, including all national chains like Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Humana's strength in pharmacy management is unparalleled and, while other providers are just now entering this space, we have decades of experience and fill more than 200 million prescriptions a year.

In addition, Humana offers mentoring and education to help your employees understand and best use their pharmacy benefits. Contact your Humana agent if you have questions about your benefits or are interested in learning more about our integrated benefits solutions.