Improved RxImpact® Design Results in Premium Savings


Jun. 16, 2011

Jun. 16, 2011

RxImpact was the industry's first value-based benefit. With RxImpact, drugs are organized by their ability to prevent a serious medical episode, and by the timeframe in which they affect a positive medical/financial result. All drugs in a class — antidepressants, proton-pump inhibitors, etc., both brand and generic — are categorized in the same group.

RxImpact has an allowance structure. For each group of drugs, the plan pays a specific allowance, and members pay the balance, if any. Because each group includes generic and brand-name drugs, members can save money by using lower-priced medications.

We've improved the RxImpact design to create a cost-base value proposition that translates to a 2 percent savings off total medical/pharmacy premium. Enhancements include:

  • Limiting the RxImpact offering to only one plan design (below)
  • Adding a $75 deductible, which applies to drugs in all groups
  • Providing a $5 allowance for Group D

Group A $30 Allowance

Drugs that help avoid additional immediate health care costs (acute)

Examples: asthma, infection, birth control

Group B $20 Allowance

Long-term effectiveness (chronic)

Examples: cancer, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis

Group C $10 Allowance

Symptom relief

Examples: antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, antacids

Group D $5 Allowance

Examples: sexual dysfunction, hair loss, obesity, smoking cessation

Contact your Humana Representative to see if RxImpact is a fit for your organization.