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Advantage Plus Dental plan

This dental plan is suited for employees who would like to focus on prevention while also controlling costs.

With this plan, your employees have the freedom to go to any in-network general dentist in HumanaDental's Advantage Plus network. This plan doesn't cover services from out-of-network dentists, except for emergency care.

Key features

  • Freedom to choose any dentist
  • Fixed copays for in-network dentists
  • Options to cover both general and specialty care are available
  • Employee access to, where they can create a customized, ongoing oral health plan with their dentist

Additional features

Advantage Plus has no deductible or copays for many preventive services from in-network general dentists. These services include: oral examinations, X-rays, cleanings, topical fluoride treatment (up to age 16, one per calendar year), and sealants (up to age 14).

Office visit copayments vary by plan. The plan has set copays for other covered services, including the ones listed below.

Depending on the plan they enroll in, they may also have either:

  1. Copays for covered services from network specialists (“S” plans), or
  2. A discount on services from network specialists (“D” plans).

In addition, the plan may include optional benefits such as:

  • A higher annual maximum benefit — or no annual maximum benefit
  • Coverage for child orthodontia only or adult and child orthodontia

Even if the plan doesn't include orthodontia benefits, employees may receive up to 20% savings by visiting orthodontists in our network and asking for the discount.

Covered services


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