HumanaVitality - a wellness program for your employees

Get rewarded for healthier choices

Through a personalized highly motivational program, employees engage to learn how small changes to their daily routine can improve their overall health. Understanding their health, getting a flu shot or routine dental exams, working out and/or preventative exams will earn them great rewards, such as and Target gift cards, fitness devices and equipment, and so much more.

Saving on renewal premiums

Your business could earn savings by encouraging employees to use HumanaVitality and adopt a healthier lifestyle. If you qualify, you might receive up to a 10% discount on each year’s renewal premium when your staff reaches Silver Vitality Status™ or higher!*

Motivate your employees

HumanaVitality can help your employees focus on fun, productive ways to increase their engagement in their health, including their activity, as well as how to choose healthier foods, to help inspire them to reach their well-being goals.

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Imagine if achieving your health goals could earn you tons of rewards, like digital cameras, music downloads, hotel stays and more.

Welcome to HumanaVitality®, an awards program designed to get you motivated to make healthier choices. It's easy and fun for everyone.

As a Humana member, you’ll first take a Health Assessment to find out your Vitality Age™, which is how fast your body is aging based on your lifestyle.

Meet Steve. Steve’s a 28-year-old IT manager. He's a smoker, rarely works out and eats an unhealthy diet. A busy life keeps him from being as active as he could be. Steve's Vitality Age is 37. He looks young and healthy, but his habitats aged him an additional nine years. Steve is not alone. A lot of people will find that their Vitality Age is higher than their actual age, which can be surprising yet motivating.

Steve gets a personalized pathway focused on his health goals and needs, which includes activities to help him get healthier. As he completes goals and activities, Steve can earn Vitality Points™ in a lot of different ways.

Almost everything Steve does can earn him Vitality Points, from using a fitness device to track his activity, to setting a goal to quit smoking, to even getting his family involved. Steve gets credit for every Vitality Point they earn, too, and as he earns Vitality Points, he increases his Vitality Status™ and earns Vitality Bucks®. He can spend Vitality Bucks on all kinds of rewards, ranging from movie tickets to movie downloads to fitness equipment. Increasing his Vitality Status qualifies him for bonus merchandise and a monthly jackpot drawing. The higher the Vitality Status, the better rewards Steve could get in a drawing.

As you can see, joining HumanaVitality has really helped Steve. He's lowered his Vitality Age. He's happier, healthier and more productive. Plus, his enthusiasm is inspiring his family coworkers and friends to join in. Seems like living a healthy lifestyle can be pretty contagious, wouldn't you say?

Start today. Visit our site to get your Vitality Age. Set goals, earn Vitality Points and reap the rewards

HumanaVitality works

Get the facts and the stats behind this highly effective program and how it can support your workforce and business goals.

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*Savings are not available on Group Medicare and only apply to select Employer Groups. To see if you qualify for this discount, contact your Humana advisor.