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Medicare-eligible Employees

Help employees understand their healthcare options

An increasing number of employees work past the Medicare-eligible age of 65 and need help understanding their healthcare options. Other employees may qualify for Medicare due to disability. We already know your employees and understand their needs, so together we can help guide them and make the transition easier.

Humana Medicare enables your Medicare-eligible Employees to:

  • Choose from top-ranked Humana Medicare plans – #1 for customer satisfaction* / 91% overall satisfaction**
  • Speak with a Medicare sales expert – simply call 1-855-458-4820
  • Choose from a variety of plans – visit Humana.com/GroupToMedicare
  • Compare costs among Humana Medicare and other plans such as COBRA
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Plan for Medicare – Understand Your Options (495 KB)

*Bandell, Brian, “J.D. Power ranks AvMed, Humana tops for member satisfaction,” South Florida Business Journal. http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2014/03/11/j-d-power-ranks-avmed-humana-tops-for-member.html(accessed 1 April 2015)

**Zweig, Dori, “Kaiser, Humana, Florida Blue sit high on customer satisfaction rankings,” Fierce Health Player. http://www.fiercehealthpayer.com/story/kaiser-humana-florida-blue-sit-high-customer-satisfaction-rankings/2014-04-01(accessed 1 April 2015)

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