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Private exchange for group health insurance

A private exchange is an online healthcare benefits marketplace used by employers to offer health plan options to employees, who then select their own benefits. A private exchange simplifies benefits administration and can help keep your contribution costs predictable.

Each employee is unique, and each needs benefits that fit their unique situation. A private exchange takes the pressure off employers to choose a one-size-fits-all benefits plan, because employees can choose the benefit plans that best suit their family’s financial and healthcare needs.

How does a private exchange work?

  1. As an employer, you set a monthly dollar amount—like a monthly employee allowance or gift card—that an employee can apply toward their benefits.
  2. Employees sign in to the private exchange portal and answer some brief lifestyle questions that help narrow down the benefits that might be best for them.
  3. Employees select benefits that fit their own health, financial, and family situation, with help and guidance along the way, then confirm their choices and complete the enrollment process.
  4. After the open enrollment period ends, employers receive enrollment data and reports.

Our private exchange services

  • Humana IntelliChoice® is a Humana-owned private exchange for employer groups with 100 or more employees.
  • Humana offers a private exchange for small businesses with 2-50 employees in select markets.*
  • Humana plans, along with other carriers’ plans, are also available via third-party private exchanges.

*At this time, instant quotes and online enrollment are available to small businesses in Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

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