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Insurance products Offer more coverage for your employees

Humana offers specialty benefits and other individual insurance products to meet your employees’ needs. These products give you ways to save, while giving your employees freedom to choose. And you’ll both get the guidance you need to make smart decisions.

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Small business health insurance plans

Medical plans

Choose the right plan for your business

Do you want an HMO, PPO, POS, a traditional plan, or something else? Humana offers many choices. Find a medical plan that works for you and for your employees.

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Spending accounts

Administer with ease

Decrease your costs and give employees convenient access to their funds. Some of Humana’s spending account options include the HumanaAccess® Visa® debit card. It’s easier than reimbursements for you and your employees.

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Dental plans

Benefit from our wide selection

Humana is one of the nation's largest dental benefits companies. So whatever your needs, we have a plan for you. Choose from traditional, PPO, DHMO, and more.

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Vision plans

Help employees see clearly

As a Humana customer, you can offer your employees coverage for vision services and products. With our network of providers, they’ll find one right in their community.

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Coverage options for small business insurance
Running a small business includes getting the right health insurance plan

Group Life plans

Give employees added protection

Humana offers flexible employer-paid and voluntary plans. Help your employees protect and replace lost income in the event of death or disabling accident.

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Disability plans

Protect employees and their families

Disability coverage is one of the most sought-after benefits a company can offer. These short- and long-term plans give your employees important income protection. They help you attract and retain good people and provide incentives for disabled employees to return to work.

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Discussing workplace voluntary plans

Workplace Voluntary plans

Expand your benefits package

Add benefits such as cancer coverage and supplemental health with no direct cost to you. Choose from employer-paid, employee-paid, or a combination.

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Group Medicare

Take care of your retirees

Humana has more than two decades of experience with Medicare. We offer flexible funding options and a wide choice of products.

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Employee Assistance Programs

Improve quality of life

Support your employees’ well-being with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Work-Life program. Humana’s behavioral health and behavior change experts for Humana can optimize well-being and improve productivity.

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Humana pharmacy solutions

Enjoy cost savings and innovative plans

Humana’s pharmacy benefits emphasize cost transparency and choice. You benefit from dedicated customer service and a large network of participating pharmacies.

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