Preventive dental care is important to overall health.The HumanaDental Prepaid/Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) plan encourages preventive dental care.

Dentists in the HumanaDental Prepaid/DHMO plan network provide services for a prenegotiated price. Out-of-network services aren't covered except in an emergency.

This plan is limited to selected HumanaDental markets.

Benefit options

The following benefit options are generally available for HumanaDental Prepaid/DHMO plans. Actual benefits vary by state.

  • Several deductible options
  • Orthodontia options, including treatment for adults
  • For services and materials not covered by this plan, members may receive a discount with in-network providers*; however, out-of-pocket expenses for these non-covered services don't apply to deductible and annual maximum

Why choose HumanaDental

Our dental plans allow you to offer a highly popular benefit while maintaining flexibility in plan and funding arrangements. These plans are available as stand-alones or in conjunction with medical plans. Coverage can be employer-sponsored or voluntary. Best of all, our network includes more than 110,000 dentist locations nationwide. Members and their families benefit from negotiated discounts on covered services by choosing dentists in our network.