Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs help with personal and workplace well-being

Whether your employees want to quit smoking or find childcare, a low-cost work-life program, also known as an Employee Assistance Program, can help.

The end result of these programs is less stress, better morale, and the likelihood of an improved bottom line for your business.

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Bring about change with an EAP

Humana’s work-life programs include tools, health coaches, and one-on-one counseling to tackle a variety of issues. Employees and their families can:

  • Get help finding child- or eldercare
  • Solve a marriage or financial problem
  • Quit smoking or drinking
  • Deal with a workplace concern

You can also use the service to handle any workplace issues that may arise. The payoff for your business can be lower staff turnover, decreased absenteeism, and improved workers’ health. All of which can lead to lower healthcare costs for you.

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