Medical Plans

Medical plans

Humana's products give employers ways to save, while giving employees freedom to choose. Plus, you and your employees have the guidance you need to make smart, money-saving decisions.

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Picking the right health insurance plans

Humana Simplicity

Keep it simple for savings

Your employees pay no deductible or coinsurance, only copayments. So this plan is easy for them to understand, and easy for you to administer.

Traditional plans

Offer familiar choices

Humana's traditional plans have features you and your employees are familiar with, along with opportunities to forecast and control costs. You’ll receive proprietary tools, reports, and services to help you stay informed.

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Funding Arrangements

Self-fund with predictable costs

Use Level Funded Premium to self-fund your medical plan. You’ll know just what costs to budget for and you can limit your financial exposure.

Walmart Rx Plan

Save money and offer simplicity

Give your employees a low-cost prescription drug benefit that’s easy for you to administer. The plan offers a common formulary design to ease employees’ transition.

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A commitment to moving healthcare forward

A commitment to moving healthcare forward

Humana is leading the way with fresh ideas about lifelong well-being.

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Stay motivated to stay active

Stay motivated to stay active

Tempted to skip your workouts? Get tips to help you stay on track.

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Pump up Productivity

Pump up productivity with EAPs

An Employee Assistance Program helps your clients make the connection between quality of life and well-being at work.

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