Humana simplicity

Humana Simplicity Offer a plan that’s affordable

and easier to understand and use

Humana Simplicity is different from other medical plans. When your employees use in-network healthcare services, they pay no deductible, just a copayment. This straightforward plan is easier for you to administer. And since it’s easier for employees to understand their benefits, they’ll be more likely to use their medical plan effectively. They can also use HumanaVitality® to make better health choices and earn rewards.

Humana's network offerings for Humana Simplicity vary by area. Your options may include the following:

Humana Simplicity HMO

HMO Premier is the largest HMO network available to our members. The HMO plan offers the lowest premiums of any Humana Simplicity plan.

    • Members can see any provider in the HMO network
    • Members can use MyHumana tools online and with their mobile device

Humana/Choice Care®

Our nationwide PPO network has more than 550,000 unique providers and approximately 3,500 hospitals.

    • Members can use out-of-network providers without a referral
    • Members can use MyHumana tools online and via mobile device

National POS

Open Access offers improved discounts and a network of providers that overlaps 95% with the national Humana/ChoiceCare Network.

    • Members don’t need a primary care physician
    • In-network providers save members money
    • Members can use MyHumana tools online and via mobile device

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Make healthy living more rewarding

Make healthy living more rewarding

It’s easy when employees earn points and set goals through HumanaVitality.®

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