Spending Accounts

Easy-to-administer spending accounts

Humana healthcare spending accounts integrate with our health plans, giving employers a simple and convenient way to engage members in healthcare saving and spending. Plus these accounts offer tax advantages to the employer, employee, or both.Employers and employees should consult their own attorneys or tax professionals for advice on any tax implications.

Healthcare and mobile apps

We make smart phones even smarter

Your employees can check their spending account balance anytime, anywhere with the MyHumana mobile app. It’s just another way we make spending accounts easy to choose and use.

Easy to use employer healthcare portal

Spending accounts made easy

Employers can choose from three types of spending accounts that help employees save and budget for healthcare expenses. All of Humana’s healthcare spending accounts give members easy access to their savings with the HumanaAccess® Visa® Debit Card.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

In combination with a qualified High-Deductible Health Plan, the HSA is a cost-effective way to give employees greater control over healthcare planning, saving, and spending. Both employees can and employers can contribute to the account within IRS guidelines. Because unused funds carry over from year to year, employees can use the account to save for the future.

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Personal Care Account (PCA)

This employer-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) helps employees pay for qualified healthcare expenses like prescriptions and health plan deductibles. They can even use the account for some services their plan doesn’t cover. To make administration easy, Humana manages the PCA and debit card for you. And with our simple funding system, not all the cash to support your PCA is due up front.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

With this popular benefit option, employees can set aside tax-free funds for healthcare and dependent care. This helps them save on taxes. And because FSA contributions decrease your total payroll costs, this benefit helps to reduce your taxes, too. FSAs are easy to set up and administer. Humana manages the FSA and debit card for you.

Easy to manage flexible spending accounts
An easy, convenient way to access spending account funds

HumanaAccess Visa Debit Card

With Humana’s integrated debit card, your employees can quickly and conveniently pay for healthcare expenses with their spending account. The card works at healthcare provider locations like doctors’ offices and pharmacies. The Zero Liability feature offers maximum protection against fraud.

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