Benefits of Membership

Benefits of membership Give your employees extras

Make the most of your employees’ benefits by sharing the perks that come with their Humana healthcare. There are tools, apps, and programs that help them keep tabs on their health and benefits at home or on the go.

Picking the right health insurance plans


When your employees sign up for MyHumana, they can search for in-network doctors, compare costs, and check on claims. Plus they can take advantage of rewards programs like HumanaVitality®.

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Important information at your fingertips

Tap into healthcare

With MyHumana Mobile Resources, your employees can search for doctors and hospitals, track claims, check their spending account balances, and more — all on their phone.

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Checking medical claims online
Exploring provider choice options

Provider choices made easier

Humana’s tools help your employees search for providers like doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies based on location, credentials — and even price.

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We are not afraid to be different

We’re not afraid to be different

You and your employees can benefit from a focus on well-being.

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See small business stories

See small business success stories

Find out how you and your clients benefit from our focus on lifelong well-being at the heart of our business.

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