Webinars cover latest trends

Humana's employer webinar series covers an array of topics on the latest trends in plan design, benefits delivery, and expanded capabilities.

Healthcare among Hispanics: Addressing Unique Needs

Humana has had the Hispanic segment on our radar for years and discovered some interesting trends with needs, preferences and other traits that make this market unique. In this webinar you'll gain insight on the following:

  • What roles family, community and the media play in healthcare decisions made by Hispanic employees
  • Why we need to tailor healthcare offerings to the Hispanic market and how you can best position those offerings
  • Humana's overall efforts to effectively meet the communication needs of this segment

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Winning Wellness Strategies

Tough economic times call for tough business choices—yet few companies have cut back on their employee wellness programs in the past year. Why? Because workplace health promotion can lead to greater employee productivity and reduced cost, resulting in a measurable impact on the bottom line. In this webinar you'll gain insight on the following:

  • The lifestyle-related medical issues that have the greatest impact on employees' productivity and healthcare costs
  • How a total view of health—including behavioral health—can help you get more value from your wellness investment
  • Strategies that have delivered the greatest ROI for Humana and other organizations

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Retool Your Work Force as You Retool Your Balance Sheet

Times are tough. Chances are you're taking steps to improve your company's financial health. But what are you doing to develop your most important resource—your employees? In this webinar you'll find out how to:

  • Define and position – your ideal work force and establish benchmarks against competition
  • What to consider in developing – your employee strategy to help affect your bottom line
  • Action – how to communicate, execute, and measure the effectiveness of your plan

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Multigenerational Workforce: Generation of Change – Making a Multigenerational Workforce Work to your advantage

The U.S. workforce is now made up of four distinct generations. When you understand what makes these generations unique, you can tailor your human resources programs to make them more successful. In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • Multigenerational value – the value of having a multigenerational workforce
  • Generational differences – learn the generations that make up your workforce and what makes each generation unique
  • Designing and communicating benefit plans – Understanding the different generations in the workforce can help you design and communicate benefit plans successfully

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