Affordable and easy-to-use vision plans

We offer 3 types of vision plans to meet the unique needs of your employees and their families.

Affordable and easy-to-use vision plans
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Low-cost starter plan that offers 1 eye exam per year, plus discounted services may be available at network providers. This 100% employer-funded plan can be offered alongside a voluntary (employee-funded) Materials Only plan.

  • $10 routine eye exams
  • May receive 35% off retail cost of frames at network vision provider
  • Out-of-network services not covered
  • Get Go365® Points for exams*

Employers who want to be sure their employees can get their yearly eye exam.

Our most comprehensive plans that cover routine eye exams, diabetic eye care, frames, lenses, or contacts. These popular plans provide complete eye care coverage.

  • Employees pay less out-of-pocket when they see a network vision care professional
  • Employees also get an allowance to spend towards frames
  • Earn Go365® Points for exams*

Employees who want coverage for exams, glasses and contacts.

Plans cover only frames, lenses, and contacts—no exam. Pairs well with medical plans with embedded vision exams to provide employees with a more complete vision benefit.

  • Plan pays only for eyeglasses and contacts
  • No benefits for routine eye exams

Individuals who have an eye exam covered by their employer, but want coverage for glasses and contacts.

* Go365® is integrated with select Humana medical plans