Benefits you didn’t know you had

Uncover “hidden” benefits

Today’s health insurance plans do a lot more than cover the cost of doctor’s visits and prescription drugs. From gym discounts to incentive reward programs, you’ll want to take full advantage of all your benefits you may be leaving money on the table!

There are two easy ways to become more familiar with your plan’s offerings. Your Benefit Summary booklet is a good place to start. Also check your health insurer’s website. You’ll find lots more benefits – and simple ways to sign up for them.

Personal health coach

Want to lose weight, stop smoking, manage stress, or eat healthier? Let your health coach help you reach your goals! A coach can:

  • Create a personalized action plan targeted to your needs
  • Connect you with online trackers, calendars, and assessments
  • Communicate by phone, email, or instant message
  • Give you the support you need to stay on track

Health and wellness discounts

Your insurer may negotiate exclusive deals for its members. You may find lower prices on everything from massage therapy to stop smoking aids, hair restoration treatments and health club memberships; coupons for over-the-counter drugs; special rates for weight-loss programs; discounts on eyeglasses, contact lens and more.

Healthy living rewards programs

Of course you want to live healthy, but how many insurers reward you for it? Some plans include the unique HumanaVitality program. Humana members can earn points every time they take a walk, workout, eat healthy, or make other smart lifestyle choices. Points may be redeemed for perks like hotel stays, digital cameras, and movie tickets. That’s enough to motivate you to dust off your bike!

Nurse hotlines

Get expert advice – fast! Suppose your child wakes up in the middle of the night with a sky-high fever and severe ear ache. Does it merit a trip to the emergency room or an Urgent Care Center? The nurse-on-call can provide answers and peace of mind when you have a medical issue that just can’t wait. These 24/7 hotlines are also available to address general health questions and concerns.

Baby on board

It’s a joyful time, getting ready for a new life. You’re excited, changing every day, thinking about the future and full of questions! Wouldn’t it be great if you could work with your own nurse through out your pregnancy? You can with HumanaBeginnings®; specially-trained nurses who understands your unique pregnancy and provide you with necessary precautions through each trimester.

Your personalized care nurse will be there to support you throughout your journey, and may even connect you to beneficial resources you didn’t know you had.

My health assessment

Complete a comprehensive, online questionnaire to determine your overall health status, then learn ways to reduce risks and live a healthier lifestyle. Health trackers allow you to monitor your diet, exercise, cholesterol, blood pressure and other health markers.

Find a health advocate

Dealing with a chronic condition such as diabetes or a serious illness is tough enough. Anxiety and worries only make it more difficult to think clearly and get the right treatment. With the help of a Health Advocate, you can:

  • Explore treatment options, coordinating with your plan’s benefits
  • Gain a better understanding of your condition
  • Learn how small changes in your everyday routine can help you feel better
  • Better communicate with your doctors to become a more active participant in your healthcare
  • Identify thoughts or stressors that have a negative impact

Some insurers, such as Humana, offer the services of a Personal Nurse who performs many of the functions of a Health Advocate. The nurse, who works with you one-on-one by phone, offers more personalized care for as long as you need it, providing a sounding board to help you make decisions with confidence.

Health centers

These one-stop shops provide facts about preventive care such as routine screenings and tests. You’ll also find interactive tools, calculators, quizzes, and health libraries containing information geared to every member of your family -- from kids to seniors.

Caregiver support

Taking care of a loved one can be as rewarding as it is taxing. Members can discover ways to recharge themselves to avoid burnout – and find additional support services from groups within their own communities


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