Do you need coverage?

Here are a few questions you might be asking. The answers might surprise you!

What if I’m hurt in an accident that isn’t my fault?

A : The person at fault will pay all my medical costs

B : I’ll just have to pay to see the doctor

C : I’m on my own, regardless of whose fault it is

The correct answer is C.

You’ll have to pay for your own medical treatment, no matter who is at fault. And paying to see the doctor could be just one of the bills. You may also need X-rays, prescription medications, and have other expenses as well. Those costs can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Having insurance helps pay for things like that.

Who has the highest rate of injury-related emergency room visits?

A : It varies from city to city

B : Young adults

C : Elderly people

The correct answer is B.

That means if you’re between the ages of 27 and 33, you’re part of a group that is most likely to be injured and need an emergency room visit.

I’m pretty healthy. Why would I need insurance?

A. It helps you stay healthy

B. It helps you prepare for the unexpected

C. Both of the above

The correct answer is C.

Having insurance helps you stay healthy since getting regular check-ups is more affordable, especially if you choose doctors who are in your insurer’s network.

Not only that, but choosing to have insurance makes you more prepared for life’s surprises. Chances are, you’re going to have some medical expenses in your future. Practically everyone does. The question is, will you be able to afford them?


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