Preventive Care for Women

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Staying healthy

The Affordable Care Act has made preventive care such as check-ups and health screenings accessible to all Americans. It requires health plans to cover recommended preventive services at 100% of their cost when you use a doctor in your network.

For insured women, that means that they won’t have to make copayments or pay for important preventive services such as mammograms, screenings for cervical cancer and more when they are obtained from in-network providers.

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Women's health visits

  • An annual woman's health preventive care visit
  • Additional follow-up visits if deemed necessary by the woman and her health care providers
  • Set up a plan, as needed, to help women get the care they need to be healthy
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  • Includes FDA-approved birth control methods, sterilization procedures, patient education, and counseling

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Testing for HPV

  • Women age 30 or older are covered for testing for the high-risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV) virus every three years
  • Early screening, detection, and treatment have been shown to help reduce the prevalence of cervical cancer

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Counseling for Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Sexually active women have access to annual counseling on sexually transmitted infections, or STIs

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HIV Screening and Counseling

  • Sexually active women have access to annual screening and counseling for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS

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Breastfeeding Support and Counseling

  • Breastfeeding counseling from trained providers and breastfeeding equipment for new and expectant mothers
  • Breastfeeding is one of the most effective preventive measures new mothers can take to protect their health and that of their children

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Gestational Diabetes Screening

  • Available to women who are 24 to 28 weeks pregnant, and those at high risk of developing diabetes while they’re pregnant
  • Helps improve the health of mothers and their babies since women with gestational diabetes have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Early detection helps the children of women with gestational diabetes since they are at increased risk of being overweight and insulin-resistant throughout childhood

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Domestic Violence Screening and Counseling

  • Screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence for all adolescent and adult women
  • Screening is effective in the early detection and effectiveness of interventions to increase the safety of abused women


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