Cut costs with tax credits


What is it?

Called an Advance Tax Credit, these special tax credits will be available beginning in January 2014 to reduce the cost of health insurance premiums for people who qualify.


Am I eligible?

Eligibility depends on income and family size. Use this chart to see if you may be eligible:

Household size
Household Income Range
1 $15,282 - $45,960
2 $20,628 - $62,040
3 $25,975 - $78,120
4 $31,322 - $94,200
5 $36,668 - $110,280
6 $42,015 - $126,360
7 $47,361 - $142,440
8 $52,708 - $158,520
Each additional person +$5,347 - $16,080

Note: This range may differ in HI and AL Income ranges are indexed annually to inflation


How do I apply?

In order to receive the tax credit you need to complete your health insurance application through the online Health Insurance Marketplace. The enrollment period for 2014 coverage begins October 1, 2013 and runs through March 31, 2014.


Can I choose my insurance plan?

Yes, you can select the health insurance company and level of benefits that is right for you and your family, as long it is a qualified health plan. You’ll find a variety of Humana plans from which to choose on the new Marketplace. It’s easy to use, and the enrollment process is quick and simple. To find out more,
contact Humana or visit the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state.


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