4 situations where better hearing may improve your health and safety

A doctor places a hearing aid on her patient

May is Better Speech and Hearing Loss Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to check in on hearing health. Our hearing often fades without us noticing. Sounds we took for granted when we were younger become more difficult to decipher, and we forget the little sounds we used to hear daily.

Researchers have noted that missing out on nature can actually strain our health and well-being1., opens new window Here are a few everyday sounds that may improve health, safety, and relationships with others when you can hear them well.

The Outdoors

Simple sounds of nature that may have faded include leaves rustling in the breeze, rain falling, birds tweeting, and crickets chirping. By addressing your hearing loss, you can improve your ability to enjoy the outdoors. Not only that, but studies have shown that being outdoors can benefit your psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. Spending time in nature can help energize your brain, bring personal peace, and clear your mind., PDF opens new window2

Your Car’s Warning Signals

Your car makes many warning sounds that are soft and high-pitched, making them easy to miss. Missing these sounds makes driving more dangerous. Some of these critical sounds are the engine chirping or squealing, tires screeching, and warning signals. Missing these sounds could leave you stranded on the road and heighten your risk of an accident. Hearing them gives you time to explore whatever problem they might be revealing.

Volume of the Television

One way to connect with others is by watching TV together. But enjoying your favorite programs can get frustrating when family and friends complain that the TV is turned up too loud. One way to solve this problem is by wearing hearing aids. Using hearing aids makes it easier to hear what’s on television, so you can turn down the volume and enjoy entertainment together at a volume everyone is comfortable with.

Voices of Loved Ones

Perhaps the most important reason to address your hearing is so you can hear your loved ones. Treating hearing loss has proven to help improve one’s relationships with other people3., PDF opens new window Hearing others can minimize misunderstandings and avoid frustration.

If you have hearing loss, treating it can help improve your safety, your health and your relationships.

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