How to Boost Your Sex Drive

Want your summer to be a little bit on the steamy side? Here are a few things you can do to ramp up your sex drive:

Communicate with your partner

If you want to improve your sexual health, you have to talk about it. Nobody can read your mind. But you don’t have to put together a PowerPoint presentation that covers your sexual likes or dislikes. Keep it simple. Start by keeping the conversation positive (“I like it when we do…”), skip criticisms and talk about what sexual goals you can achieve together.

Talk to your doctor

You might feel embarrassed to talk about your sex life with your doctor, but this is an important step toward getting any help you may need. According to Mayo Clinic1, your doctor will be able to assist in a variety of ways. From doing simple blood work (like testing your hormone levels) to giving you a referral to see a specialist (like a sex therapist who can better evaluate your emotional well-being), talking to your doctor can kick-start your path toward sexual wellness.

Create a relaxing environment

Step into your bedroom and survey what you’re working with. Ditch the old bedsheets. Get a dimmer switch for your overhead light (or invest in some low-wattage lamps, instead). Play some of your favorite music. Light a few scented candles. Stepping into a soothing, calming bedroom makes it easier to set the mood.

Eat better and shed a few pounds

A diet rich in veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean meats and fish can keep you healthy and ready for sex, says WebMD2. Carrying around extra pounds could lead to a problem, especially for men. That’s because too much fat can wind up clogging arteries, which causes poorer blood flow. That makes it more difficult for a penis to get the blood it needs for an erection, according to WebMD.3

Lift your mood

According to Mayo Clinic4, your sex drive can vary throughout your life. But while your hormones may be fluctuating, you can still keep yourself and your relationship steady. Consistent exercise, getting enough sleep and scheduling date nights with your partner are easy ways to lift your mood — which may, in turn, lift your desire for sex.


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