Helpful Tips to Hear Better This Holiday Season

Grandparents laughing with grandchildren

The holidays are a time to build memories with loved ones. However, holidays are also a time of big gatherings and parties, which can make it hard to hear those you want to connect with the most. Here are some tips to hear better in hard-to-hear situations this holiday season.

Remove distractions

Getting together in groups is a common activity during the holidays but hearing voices can be difficult for everyone when there is so much going on. If you’re having difficulty hearing someone because there are too many distractions around, try regrouping in a different room or area. Moving the group to a well-lit area can help you read others’ lips and non-verbal clues. Eliminate background noise when possible by turning off the television, standing away from or turn off fans, and closing windows.

Enhance phone calls

The holidays are a good time to reconnect with those who live far away. Although phone calls are an effective and personal way to chat with others, hearing loss can make it difficult.

If you are having difficulty hearing on the phone, consider purchasing a captioned phone. Captioned phones display what the person on the other end is saying on a large, digital screen. This way, you can easily follow along with the conversation. There are also apps available for smartphones that caption your conversations.

Another option is to use smartphone-compatible hearing aids. This technology streams calls directly into your hearing aid, making it easier to hear the other person.

If these struggles seem familiar to you, try considering hearing aids. Depending on your Humana plan, your out-of-pocket costs can be significantly lower when you use your hearing aid benefit or hearing aid allowance. Call the number on the back of your Humana member ID card to confirm your benefits.