How to Pick an Insurer

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What to look for in an insurer

Suppose you’re in the market for a new health insurance company. Maybe you’re choosing one for the very first time. Take Jose and Sophie. They’re looking for a family plan.

There are lots of insurers to choose from, including Humana. How do you figure out which one will give you the coverage you need at a price you can afford? Here are five questions to ask yourself.

Number one. What’s the strength of its network of providers? Are your doctors in-network? What about your favorite pharmacy, or the hospital near you? You’ll pay less for medical expenses when you stay in-network. You can find out if your doctors are included by going to the insurer’s website and using its Provider Finder tool.

Number two. How does the insurance company rank compared to others? Does it get a thumbs up? Or a thumbs down? Search online and you’ll find rankings for a variety of insurers. They rank companies based on things like how quickly claims are processed, how easy their website is to use and customer satisfaction.

Number three. Are the prescription drugs you use covered? You’ll want to see if the insurer covers the medications your family needs -- especially if they are branded or specialty medications. You can check this by looking at the insurer’s formulary – that’s the list of drugs the insurer covers. Most companies keep their formularies online, so you can look there.

Number four. Are there any extras, like health and wellness perks? Humana for one is dedicated to your lifelong well-being. Many of our plans offer HumanaVitality – as part our medical coverage -- members earn points every time they make healthy living choices, like working out or eating nutritious foods. Then they can cash in their points for cool stuff like movie tickets, exercise equipment like bikes – even iPods! Humana Vitality also offers grocery discounts as part of our Healthy Foods programs that can add up to big savings for good choices.

Number five. Do they make it easy for you to use your plan? Humana has a state-of-the art member website with resources ranging from healthy living and preventive care guides, to budget estimators that give you the information you need to make decisions. RightSource, our online pharmacy, is even integrated into our site, so you can see how much you can save on prescriptions. Humana helps you keep track of your health and spending to make sure you’re getting the most from your plan!

That covers many of the main things you’ll need to know. Ask yourself these five questions and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which insurance company is best for you.


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