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What will my health plan cost?


If you’re new to the health insurance marketplace—or if you’re checking out options thanks to the healthcare law—you might wonder…

  • What’s the best health insurance plan for my family?
  • How much do the new plans cost?
  • Can I get financial help?

You’re in the right place! This healthcare cost calculator gives a personal picture of the two types of costs in your family’s healthcare budget:

Premiums: Answer questions about your preferences in a health plan and what types of benefits you are looking for. We’ll estimate the annual cost for that coverage, based on Humana plan premiums in your area.

Out-of-pocket costs: Answer questions about your family’s general well-being—like how often you get checkups. We’ll estimate costs for services under the plan you’re interested in.

And there’s no commitment to buy! So go ahead…try things on for size. Because the best plan is the one that makes you feel good about your family’s physical and financial well-being. Get started!

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