Best Steps For You and Your Baby

Pregnant woman holding belly

Expecting a child is one of the most memorable seasons of life. It’s a hopeful time, an exciting time. It’s also the time to take the best steps you can to create a healthy foundation for you and your baby.


By choosing the right doctor, asking questions, managing costs, and getting ready for the maternity experience ahead.

Choose Your Prenatal Doctor

Selecting your prenatal care doctor from among Humana’s certified and accredited network (URAC, CORE Certification, NCQA) means you’ll find a high quality doctor to care for you and your baby.

Choose a board-certified doctor that can admit you to an accredited hospital or birthing center with a quality maternity unit.

Set up your first visit for prenatal care as soon as you believe you’re pregnant.

Eligible Humana members can enroll in HumanaBeginnings, a free program offering personal support throughout your pregnancy.

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Ask Your Doctor

  • How may pregnancy affect other medical conditions I may have?
  • Should I continue taking prescription medicines?
  • How much and what should I eat and drink during pregnancy?
  • Can I exercise during pregnancy?
  • Are there any everyday risks I should avoid (painting, hair dye, etc.)?
  • Can smoking or drinking affect the baby?
  • What are payment terms and expectations?
  • Other questions you may have.

Manage Your Costs

Keeping you and your baby safe and healthy, giving birth, and adjusting to a new life at home means you’re busy adapting to change. You don’t need the added surprise and stress of big, unplanned medical bills. This is why you want to be careful to choose doctors and medical services exclusively from Humana’s high quality network.

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What to Expect Ahead

First Trimester (Weeks 1 to 14)

First prenatal visit may be longer and include detailed health history, a physical exam, pap test for cervical cancer, urine and lab tests, calculating your due date, and scheduling for future prenatal visits. Generally, follow-up prenatal visits will be monthly.

Second Trimester (Weeks 15 to 28)

Follow-up prenatal visits will generally be monthly.

Third Trimester (Weeks 29 to 40)

Generally, prenatal visits will be every two weeks until your last month of pregnancy, when you will be seen weekly.

After Delivery (4 to 6 weeks after baby)

At your postpartum visit the doctor will talk about being a mom, returning to normal activities, sexual intercourse, birth control and your emotional state. An exam will look for healing and return to your non-pregnant state.