Take charge of your health

In-home Health and Well-being Assessment

Have a health and well-being assessment right in the comfort of your own home.

A health professional helps a member go through the member’s annual In-home Health and Well-being Assessment.

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You know health and well-being are about more than just whether you have a cold. That’s why an annual In-home Health and Well-being Assessment is an important tool to take charge of your health. A licensed doctor or nurse practitioner comes to your door to answer your questions and explain how you can take advantage of Humana’s programs. The best part: for Medicare members who qualify, it’s offered at no additional cost.

The clinician will make sure to take precautions based on current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These measures include making sure they are feeling well that day, taking their own temperature right before coming to your home, and wearing gloves and a mask at all times.

CDC guidelines also recommend that if you’re within six feet of another person outside of your household for fifteen minutes or more that a mask should be worn. The clinician will provide you with a mask, and we highly recommend you wear it.

Get health information you can use

During the annual assessment, you’ll have:

  • A complete review of your medicines and related instructions on how to take them as prescribed by your doctor
  • Information about other Humana services that can help enhance your health
  • Time in your own home to discuss your health concerns with a medical professional
  • A health summary that will be shared with your doctor to supplement the ongoing care you already receive
  • Answers to your health questions that may have come up since your last doctor visit

Trusted allies who work with you

The In-home Health and Well-being Assessment takes about 60 minutes and is performed by one of our trusted healthcare providers. These include Signify Health and Matrix Medical Network.

If you have been contacted about participating in an annual assessment, please call or email the healthcare provider using the information in the letter or email you received to set up your appointment today.

Why should I have an In-home Health and Well-being Assessment?

The assessment will give you valuable information that may help identify programs and services to better manage your health. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive a list of recommended health topics to discuss with your doctor at your next appointment.

Personal information about participants remains confidential according to all applicable state and federal laws.

Information may be disclosed if permitted by such laws. Your Home Advantage in-home assessments are an offering of Humana at HomeSM.