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Humana Care Solutions

Direct Contracting Entity

Humana Care Solutions

Humana Care Solutions


  • Humana Care Solutions
  • P.O. BOX 14168. Lexington KY 40512-4168

DCE Overview

  • Humana Care Solutions is a Direct Contracting Entity (“DCE”) that has partnered with primary care centers across four states (Florida, Nevada, Texas and Washington). Through this partnership, Humana Care Solutions and Participant Primary Care Providers work together to provide improved care management and improved care coordination. As partners, we share in healthcare delivery expertise and experience, providing high-value, high-quality care.

DCE Primary Contact

DCE Governing Body

  • Oraida Roman, Strategic Executive, Humana Vice President
  • Dr. Brian Powers, Clinical Executive, Humana Deputy Chief Medical Officer
  • Bill White, Regional Operational Executive, Humana, Medicare Regional President
  • Jesse Gamez, Regional Operational Executive, Humana, Medicare Regional President
  • Jim Keough, Regional Operational Executive, Humana, Medicare Regional Vice President
  • Jennifer Kuhn, Participant Provider Delegate, Practice Management, VP
  • Dr. Keith Justice, Participant Provider, Island Doctors, Medical Director
  • Herbert Cummings, Participant Provider Delegate, Vera Whole Health, Regional VP Operations
  • Betsy Suydam, Participant Provider Delegate, The Vancouver Clinic, CFO
  • Richard (Dick) Shamrell, Medicare Beneficiary
  • William (Bill) Edelstein, Consumer Advocate

DCE Key Clinical and Administrative Leaders

  • Gina Mooi, Executive Director
  • Dr. Todd Prewitt, Executive Clinician
  • Dr. Joan Hunter, Participating Provider Executive Clinician
  • Dr. Arnold Needleman, Participating Provider Executive Clinician
  • Natalie Dillon, Data and Analytics Leader
  • Sara Nassif, Physician Engagement Leader
  • Panachon Lor, Finance Leader
  • Sarah Rosenbaum, Operations Leader
  • Teresa (Terri) Schorr, Compliance Leader
  • Jane Susott, Legal Counsel

DCE Participant and Preferred Providers, PDF

Joint ventures between or among the DCE and any of its DC Participant Providers and Preferred Providers

  • Conviva Medical Center Management is wholly owned, indirectly, by Humana Inc.

Shared Savings and Shared Losses
Not applicable until after PY2021 results are released by CMS

Quality Measure Performance
Not applicable until after PY2021 results are released by CMS

For more information, call 888-899-8660.

Frequently asked questions, PDF