Receive peace of mind with your prescriptions. RxMentor allows you to have personal consultations with a pharmacist — in-person or by telephone —. So you can be sure you’re taking the right medications and get answers to questions about your prescriptions.

Benefits of the RxMentor program

Humana members who are eligible for our RxMentor can reach out to a pharmacist in the program. So even if you have multiple doctors and multiple prescriptions, you have someone on hand to help you help you review and manage your medication plan.

  • Get the facts about side effects.
  • Check for possible drug-to-drug interactions.
  • Find out about options for lower-cost alternatives.
  • Receive advice about improving your health or managing your condition.

How it works

To take advantage of the RxMentor program, you must meet predetermined eligibility requirements or be referred by another Humana clinical program.

A Customer Care specialist will contact you once you qualify, so you can schedule a phone consultation with a Humana-employed pharmacist or meet face to face with a local pharmacist. Depending on whether follow-up discussions are needed, you may be able to enjoy up to four of these consultations each year.

There are many topics that you might want to review with your pharmacist, including:

  • Guidelines for taking specific medications.
  • Drug safety (such as adverse reactions, when to take a medication, or whether it’s okay to take certain medications simultaneously).
  • Additional information on a medication or the condition you’re being treated for.
  • Possible alternatives to taking prescription drugs.