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Transparency Tool Demo Transcript

Welcome to an overview of Humana's MyChoice Tools (Comparison Tools); healthcare provider transparency resources. To view the full demo, just click "begin." To view only certain sections, click on the links under demo contents.

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Transparency. You may have heard it, seen it, or read about it. But to really understand transparency in healthcare, we need to look a little closer.

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The concept is simple. With access to the right information, you can compare the estimated costs and quality performance of healthcare products and services. Then you can choose with confidence, just like you do with other purchase decisions. Humana provides the guidance to help you do this.

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Transparency shows the estimated cost of care. It lessens the uncertainty of charges for medical services. It gives you a way to manage your care, making it easier to be more actively involved with your provider in your healthcare decisions.

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The tools are available when you register for MyHumana on All the resources you need are in one place - MyHumana, your password-protected personal page on Here Humana members can use MyChoice Tools Comparison Tools to compare doctors and view estimated costs for common types of office visits, with details for individual doctors and average costs in your area. Quality data is also available on physicians in certain markets, plans and on most hospitals. Or you can view estimated costs for outpatient services at a hospital or freestanding center, such as surgical procedures and diagnostic tests. Members can also compare hospitals side-by side based on certain procedures, estimated costs, and other important factors such as location or performance and patient safety. MyChoice Tools Comparison Tools are easy to find, easy to use, and – most important – backed by data you can trust.

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Humana supports transparency by providing a variety of tools and resources for you, including: Humana's MyChoice ToolsSM Comparison Tools on MyHumana – for comparing physicians, hospitals and outpatient facilities.
  • Online pharmacy tools.
  • Planning tools, resources, and budgeting, as well as the SmartSummarySM quarterly health finance and benefits statement mailed to members' homes.
  • Health and wellness information on MyHumana, your secure Website on
  • One-on-one advice for members with information about ongoing or chronic health conditions.
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Log in to your MyHumana account. On the lower left part of the homepage you'll find a link to Humana's MyChoice Tools Comparison Tools.

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Let's say you want to find a doctor. Click on Compare Doctors...

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Enter your address info or search by county.

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...enter the condition or procedure you're looking for. Let's select General Exam for adult. Then choose the provider type. We'll select General or Family Practice.

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The result lists providers' full address including city and ZIP code. The list is sorted by distance from the address you entered.

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Select a physician to see estimated costs of an office visit, related pharmacy or drugs, and lab tests. You'll also find some suggested questions to ask your doctor.

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Click on the "Physician Details" button to find useful details about the practice including doctor demographics, languages spoken and recognition – such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance, Maintenance of Certification, and in Wisconsin, designation for the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality. Plus find office hours, phone numbers, locations with links to maps, and other adjacent medical facilities.

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In select areas, you can review additional quality information about your doctor's performance. See how your doctor compares to others.

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You can also find the same kind of information for outpatient services. From the MyChoice home page, select Compare Outpatient Facilities.

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Enter your city, state, and ZIP code or select your location by state and city.

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Select outpatient surgery or diagnostics. Then select from the list of conditions and procedures. Here, we'll select Outpatient Surgery and search for Hernia Repair.

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You're presented with a list of outpatient facilities, their location, a range of costs for the procedure and a rating of cost and performance. You can discuss this information with your doctor to make an informed decision about what's best for you.

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You can find the same kind of information for hospitals. Back on the main MyChoice Tools Comparison Tools page, click on Compare Hospitals.

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To get started, simply enter the city, state, ZIP code, and the number of miles from the address you'd like to search within.

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Let's say you and your doctor have discussed laparoscopic surgery to remove your gallbladder. With Humana's MyChoice Tools Comparison Tools you can find hospitals and compare them. It's simple. Choose a category, then the procedure. This window gives an explanation of the procedure. Now click "continue"…

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...and a list of hospitals shows the distance from the hospital in miles and number of patients who've had this procedure done at each hospital. The number of times they've done this procedure may be important to you so you can select hospitals based upon the number of procedures. By clicking on "compare selected"...

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You can see a summary of the various quality-related measures available for you to compare. You can use the default settings or change priorities. Then select "Create Report"...

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...and you'll see a summary with a range of costs for the procedure and ratings for the effectiveness and cost for this hospital. On the Website, by clicking on the question marks, you will find more details and further explanations around the information that is provided.

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You can see information on complications and, by visiting the different sections on the tabs, you will find even more information such as Length of Stay, Number of Patients for that procedure, and Patient Experience survey results. All of this will help you with your decision making when you choose a hospital.

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Choosing a doctor or hospital is an important decision, and this is just one of many sources of helpful information. As the cost of healthcare continues to increase, Humana provides Web-based tools to help you make your healthcare decisions. We hope you'll take advantage of these resources, designed to help you choose with confidence.

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Every day, millions of consumers go online to compare prices, quality and read product reviews. Why not do the same when choosing a doctor or hospital?

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If you have questions about the provider transparency resources, check out the Frequently Asked Questions link in the online demo. You can also call the Customer Service number on your Humana member ID card. If you're an employer, provider, or insurance professional, call your local Humana representative or 1-800-4HUMANA.