Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Turn a little guidance into a healthy new outlook. You deserve health insurance that's built around the way you live. With Humana's healthcare solutions, you'll get help finding plans that fit your needs. Discover how easy it is to enjoy the rewards of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

""I was looking for my dream job - and Humana kept me covered until I found it.""


I’m eligible for Medicare

Choosing a Medicare plan can be intimidating, but Humana can help you find a solution with confidence.

Great options if:

  • You are newly eligible for Medicare
  • You want to switch your Medicare coverage
  • You are researching Medicare for a loved one
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I’m new to individual insurance

With Humana you can choose from affordable plans that fit where you are now—and where you want to be.

Great options if:

  • You are retiring early
  • You are a recent graduate
  • You recently moved to the U.S.
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My family is changing

Changes are bound to occur, and Humana’s flexible plans can adjust with you.

Great options if:

  • You are getting married
  • You are planning for your family’s future
  • You’ve gone through a relationship change
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My work life is changing

Find solutions from Humana that fit your situation while still putting your health first.

Great options if:

  • You are temporarily without insurance
  • Your new job doesn’t offer full coverage
  • You are starting your own business
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I want to make healthy living a priority

If you’ve decided to focus on your well-being, Humana can help you stay the course and see results.

Great options if:

  • You want your family to live healthier
  • You are a senior looking for ways to stay active
  • You want to take control of your health
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Look up healthcare terms

Look up healthcare terms

From abrasion to X-ray, the Humana glossary explains common insurance and medical terms.

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Immediate medical care without an appointment

Immediate medical care without an appointment

Did you know, Urgent Care Centers could provide you timely and affordable care for non-life threatening situations? Learn and locate a center near you.

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