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Whether it’s budgeting for braces or adding some financial security to your children’s future, your family’s insurance needs are bound to change. And with Humana, you have flexible coverage options that are ready to change with you.

A healthy family is a happy family

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Just married

Meet Katie

“I was planning our wedding and didn’t have time to worry about our insurance. Humana made it easy to find and secure coverage for both of us.”

She and her fiancée met in grad school, and they were still a few years away from getting full coverage through work. With affordable dental and vision plans from Humana, she was able to supplement the school’s medical coverage and keep them both fully covered as they started a new life.


Her Humana plans: Preventive Plus Dental Plan & Vision Care Plan
A couple staying fit and in good health by riding bikes
Healthy family with a family health insurance plan

Planning for the future

Meet Ben

“We’re finally a family and we count on Humana to protect us now and in the future.”

When Ben and his wife welcomed a new member to their family, he went from living in the now to making long-term plans. With Humana, he found life insurance options that would protect and provide for his family no matter what the future brings.


His Humana plans: Junior Estate Builder and Memorial Fund

A relationship change

Meet Natalie

“I’m on my own for the first time in years, but I’m not alone. Humana is helping me and my children have a healthy future.”

As a parent, she wanted nothing less than to provide security for her children. With Humana, she got a plan that gave her more control over her healthcare spending, which helped her family find financial stability while going through a major life change with.


Her Humana plan: Copay plan
Copay health insurance plans are good for families

Find a plan that fits


No matter how big or how small, your family will experience changes. That’s why Humana offers a variety of medical plan options that are ready to keep up with whatever lies ahead for those who matter most to you.

More traditional coverage option

  • Up to 100% coverage for preventive care services
  • Includes prescription drug coverage
  • Predictable costs for doctor’s office visits

Find copay plans from Humana


More control over your insurance spending

  • A simple way to save for your deductible and other expenses
  • Lower monthly payments with a high deductible
  • Available with or without prescription drug coverage

Find Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible plans from Humana


Healthy teeth can lead to a lifetime of bright smiles. And with dental coverage from Humana, your family can enjoy the benefits that come with a trusted network and a focus on prevention.

Increased benefits over time

  • Benefits increase from years one to three
  • One-time deductible and no copayments
  • You’ll never pay more for using your preferred dentist

Prevention plus discounts

  • 100% coverage for many in-network preventive procedures
  • Discounts on non-preventive services
  • Pre-existing conditions covered from the start

View Humana dental plans in your area


A vision plan from Humana can do more than just help keep your family’s eyes healthy. You’ll enjoy access to a broad network plus coverage for lots of eye care services your family may need.

Vision insurance from Humana helps your family save on:

  • Eye exams
  • Lenses and frames
  • Contacts
  • Additional procedures such as LASIK

View Humana vision plans in your area

Life & Supplemental

It’s important to consider everyday health. But it’s smart to think long-term, too. With Humana life and supplemental benefits like the Junior Estate Builder, you can help protect your family’s finances well into the future.

How the Junior Estate Builder plan works

  • You'll start out with the protection of term life insurance with low premiums
  • At age 25, the policy automatically converts to a whole life policy
  • The whole life policy builds cash value with the option to increase coverage
Find out more about the Junior Estate Builder plan
Understanding health plan options
Keeping your children happy and healthy

Healthcare reform and you

Plans that cover children can no longer exclude, limit, or deny coverage to your child under age 19 solely based on a health problem or disability that your child developed before you applied for coverage.

  • Have Humana insurance through your employer?
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Keep your family’s well-being in focus

Some Humana medical plans include access to HumanaVitality®, a program that rewards you for taking charge of your health. Watch the video and see how easy it is for your family to set goals, earn points, and experience a variety of great rewards.

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Help protect your family this flu season

Flu season is nothing to sneeze at. For some it can lead to more serious health issues. Help protect yourself and your family by getting your annual flu vaccine.

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Commitment to innovation that benefits customers

A commitment to innovation that benefits customers

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