Healthy Living Priority

I want to make healthy living a priority With your well-being first, better health is bound to follow

At Humana, we believe health benefits aren’t just about plans with affordable premiums and coverage for yearly check-ups. It’s about helping you discover how healthy living every day can lead to a lifetime of being the best possible you.

Preparing salad for nutrition and healthy lifestyles

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I want my family to live healthier

Meet Ashley

"Humana helped me show my kids the value of eating well and staying active."

When she’s not working late at the office, she’s playing project manager at home. And when she noticed her family was cutting corners at mealtime and skipping their evening walks, Humana helped her find ways to make healthy living priority.

Her Humana plan: 100% After Deductible Plus HumanaVitality with the Vitality Kids health assessment

Looking for ways to stay active

Meet Ellen

"At my age, I needed to stay active and Humana helped me discover easy ways to focus on my health."

Her plan was to retire and focus on her health. But with a couple years left in the office and her body showing signs of early aging, Ellen knew she couldn’t wait to make changes. With her Humana plan that included HumanaVitality, she was motivated by her Vitality Age® to set goals and to participate in healthy activities in convenient ways to take charge of her health so she could fully enjoy her time with her family.

Her Humana plan: Copay 80% Plan with HumanaVitality
Staying active and healthy by swimming
Active lives and a healthy lifestyle

I want to take control of my health

Meet Jon

"I never made taking care of myself a priority, and Humana helped me get my health on track."

Once upon a time he could eat what he wanted, skip the gym, and never gain a pound. Now that he was in his 30s, it was clear that Jon needed to make some changes and his Humana medical plan gave him the tools to help him live better.

His Humana Plan: 100% After Deductible with HumanaVitality

Find a plan that fits

Healthy living is important, but sometimes it can take a back seat to everyday life. That’s why most medical plans from Humana include HumanaVitality*, a program that helps you take charge of your health and discover the rewards of making healthy choices.

*Not available in some states or territories. May not be offered with some plans.

Control costs and make healthy choices

  • Lower monthly payments with a high deductible
  • Resources to help you achieve your health goals
  • Rewards including electronics, travel, and more

See HumanaVitality in action

When it comes to living well, one size does not fit all. See how easy it is for your family to set personalized goals, earn points, and experience a variety of great rewards.

HumanaVitality makes for healthy kids

HumanaVitality now offers the Vitality Kids program, which features an age-adjusted health assessment for all covered family members 17 years of age or less. Your kids can earn points for participating in sports leagues and more.

Eat healthy and save

With Vitality HealthyFood, for every Great For You healthier food* purchase you make at Walmart®, you earn savings on your Vitality HealthyFood Shopping Card towards future purchases at Walmart. Save up to 10% when you complete a Vitality Check® each program year.1 Once your results are received and verified by HumanaVitality, you will earn 10% savings when you buy Great For You healthier foods at Walmart. Savings will be applied to your Vitality HealthyFood Shopping Card within 5-7 business days to be used on any future Walmart purchase.

It makes eating healthy easy with a catalog of healthier foods to choose from.

Help your child grow up healthy

Help your child grow up healthy

From babies to teens, stay on schedule for recommended health screenings.

Find out more about health screenings for kids
Commitment to innovation that benefits customers

A commitment to innovation that benefits customers

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