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Sometimes work throws you a curveball. Other times, you choose to shake things up and go your own way. With Humana by your side, you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you start a new path in life.

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Temporarily without insurance

Meet Donna

“I lost my job and my health insurance, and Humana kept me covered until I found something new.”

Donna had always made her health a priority. So when her company decided to close its doors, she wasn’t about to sacrifice her well-being — or the Health Savings Account balance she’d built up over the years. With Humana, she found an HSA-compatible plan that fit her budget and gave her the flexibility to choose her own bank.

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Health insurance is available for students and graduates

New job doesn’t offer full coverage

Meet Jon

“My new company didn’t offer dental and vision plans. Fortunately, Humana came through for my family.”

He had finally landed his dream job, and he wasn’t about to let a lack of vision and dental coverage come between him and happiness at work. With Humana, Jon found one company to help him keep both his eyes and teeth healthy.

Starting my own business

Meet Cheryl

“I’m my only employee, and I count on Humana to help keep me and my bottom line healthy.”

Cheryl always wanted to do her own thing. And when she had finally saved up enough money to make her move, she needed a partner to help her succeed. Humana gave her options that helped her focus on her budget without losing sight of her health.

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Find a plan that fits



No matter what your job situation is, you deserve health insurance that’s built around your unique needs. With Humana, you can choose from a variety of medical plans and get coverage that fits the way you live.

More control over your insurance spending

  • A simple way to save for your deductible and other expenses
  • Lower monthly payments with a high deductible
  • Available with or without prescription drug coverage


More traditional coverage option

  • Up to 100% coverage for preventive care services
  • Includes prescription drug coverage
  • Predictable costs for doctor’s office visits

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If want to keep your monthly costs down but are not willing to sacrifice the health of your teeth, affordable dental options from Humana could be the right fit for you.

Focus on saving

  • 20-50% discount on eligible dental services
  • Access to more than 24,000 dentists within the network
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Prevention plus discounts

  • 100% coverage for many in-network preventive procedures
  • Discounts on non-preventive services
  • Pre-existing conditions covered from the start

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A vision plan from Humana can do more than just help keep your eyes healthy. You’ll enjoy access to a broad network and simplified enrollment process, which means more convenience is always part of the plan.

Vision insurance from Humana helps you save on:

  • Eye exams
  • Lenses and frames
  • Contacts
  • Additional procedures such as LASIK

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Healthcare reform and you

Starting in 2014, exchanges will allow individuals to compare health plans, get answers to questions, and find out if they are eligible for tax credits for private insurance or health programs.

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Why choose Humana?

With an array of insurance options and extras, Humana lets you build a personalized plan to fit your life, budget, and family.

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